After monitoring the European health situation, Softball Europe announced that the European Masters Cup is going to be played from October 28 to 31, 2020.

"Despite the very challenging time, I am glad to announce that we will organize the European Masters Cup." Softball Europe President Gabriel Waage wrote in a letter to the European National Federations.   

As announced on August 12, the tournament will be played in Zagreb, Croatia, thanks to the agreement with Princ Softball Club. The info pack for the participants is available at this link, and the email has been created by the organizers to provide more info to the interested teams.   

The deadline for the entry is September 15.

Recently, the Official Entry Form for the Cup has been published on our website. You can find it here.

The Specific Competition Regulation for MASTERS 2020 is available here.

For what concerns the financial condition, the entry fee is 250 euros, as stated in our financial appendix, and 100 euros for the tournament organizers, as stated on 04.02. of the tournament regulation.

This competition will be played if the health situation will still allow it and under the personal responsibility of each participant.

/ Elda Ghilardi
Photos by Eloi Puigferrer