Because of the extraordinary circumstances of this season, there will not be updates as for the Competition Documents for 2020.  

However, the appendix 1 regarding the bats used in Softball Europe competitions - normally part of the Memorandum for Competitions - provides important information for Softball Europe Slowpitch players who anticipate future involvement in the intended WBSC Slowpitch World Cup, regarding the differing Regulations covering Bats for Slowpitch Competitions in SE and WBSC competitions.

As some bats which remain acceptable in SE Competition may not be approved for WBSC events, such players should exercise appropriate caution when purchasing a new bat.     

As to other Competition documentation, Softball Europe hopes to see Competitions resuming in 2021, and the Technical Commission will issue 2021 Technical materials in good time for season preparation. 

For any doubt, please refer to Mike Jennings

/ Elda Ghilardi
Cover photo by SG photo graphy