After a short summer break, the Croatian softball season started again with the Croatian Cup on Sunday, September 6. Four teams competed to win the competitions. 

Medvednica, Princ, Donat Zadar, and Lady Pirates battled to win the Croatian Cup.
The first game between Lady Pirates and Medvednica finished with the result of 7-8. Thanks to the W, Medvednica got the ticket to the final. Way less uncertain was the second semifinal between Princ and Donat Zadar. At the end of the game, on the scoreboard, the result 28-7 left no doubt, letting Princ advance to the final.

The bronze game between Donat Zadar and Lady Pirates finished with the inside the park homerun by Edna Hajak for 10-17. Lady Pirates conquered the third spot at the Croatian Cup.

Medvednica and Princ competed for the gold medal. Princ started strong, scoring twice in the first inning, but Medvednica's starting pitcher Rita Despot controlled the bats closing the inning with three left on base for Princ. A big inning of 4 runs for Princ made the game very difficult for Medvednica, which managed to score just 3 times. The game ended with the result of 3-7, giving Princ the first Croatian trophy of the 2020 season.

Congratulations to Princ on winning the Croatian Softball Cup!

The Croatian season will continue with the playoffs for the title of Croatian Champion.

/ Elda Ghilardi