Today, RusStar Softball became the Russian National Champion at the newly inaugurated baseball/softball stadium in Moscow, Russia.

RusStar defeated Carrousel at the extra innings of the final of the Russian Softball Championship with the result of 2-1. Previously, to get to the final, RusStar defeated Muscovy in 9 innings with the result of 4-1.

In the Grand Final, Team Carrousel took the lead at the fifth inning, scoring one run. On their last chance, on the top of the seventh inning, RusStar score one run to tie the game. And, during the eighth inning, RusStar managed to score thanks to a sacrifice fly, and kept Team Carrousel scoreless, ending the game 2-1.

The Final game was streamed on YouTube at this link.

The Russian championship started on September 3, and eight teams played the Russian Softball Championship. The eight teams that took part in the Russian Softball Championship are Carrousel, RusStar, SSHOR 42, Moskvich, Moskovia, Kalita, Zvesda, and Krym.

Most of the games are visible on the YouTube channel of the  RusStarArena Mosca.

Following the National Championship, the Russian Cup will be held from 13-19 September.

/ Elda Ghilardi
Photos courtesy of Carrousel and RusStar instagram