Witches Linz just became the Austrian National Champion.

The final between Vienna Wanderers and Witches Linz took place at the Ballpark Spenadlwiese in the heart of Vienna.

Witches Linz took the lead on the first inning scoring 3 runs thanks to 3 hits, including a 2-RBI double by centerfield Donau Larissa. Vienna Wanderers came back at the fourth inning and once at the sixth, scoring 3 runs against the experienced pitcher Martina Lackner. The last 4 runs have been scored on the bottom of the sixth by the Witches Linz.

The game ended with the result of 8-3, giving the Witches Linz the gold medal and the Vienna Wanderers the silver.

The final-four tournament was played following the Page System mode. The Crazy Chicklets Wr. Neustadt took the bronze medal after defeating Sharx 10-0. Then, the Crazy Chicklets lost access to the final against Vienna Wanderers 5-4.

Some of the games can be watch on Vienna Wandereres Facebook page.

The Austrian softball season started in July due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The teams were split into two regional divisions to minimize traveling. The winner and the runner-up of each division played the final four for the title of the Austrian Softball Champion.

/ Elda Ghilardi
Photos courtesy of Cristiano Gatti and