While four teams of men's softball top division will play the semifinals, six women's teams will play the quarter-finals for the title of Czech National Champion.

Sportclub 80 Chomutov, Žraloci Ledenice, Hroši Havlíčkův Brod and Tempo Praha are ready to play the Czech Men’s semifinals

On September 19 and 20, Sportclub 80 Chomutov and Tempo Praha will be playing the first semifinal, while Hroši Havlíčkův Brod will play the defending national champion Žraloci Ledenice in the second semifinal.

The winning team will obtain the title of Czech National Champion. The first three teams in the final ranking will have access to 2021 Men's European Super Cup.

The Czech Softball Women’s Extraleague will start its quarter-finals on Saturday. Six teams are still in the run for the National Title: Joudrs Praha, Eagles Praha, Žraloci Ledenice, Tempo Praha, Trutnov HSM, and Snails Kunovice.

The top 2 teams, Joudrs Praha and Eagles Praha, will be resting during the weekend while the other four teams will play the quarter-finals: Žraloci Ledenice will play Snails Kunovice, and Tempo Praha will face Trutnov HSM.

/ Elda Ghilardi