Of the seven teams in the Swiss National League, just two are still in the run for the Title of Swiss National Champion.

The 2020 Swiss playoffs starred just the first two teams in the ranking of the regular season: Zürich Challengers and Zürich Barracudas. The other five teams placed accordingly to their ranks as follows: Wittenbach Panthers, Bern Cardinals, Therwil Flyers, Luzern Eagles, and Dulliken Truck Star.

The two teams still in the run for the Swiss National Champion title played the first game of the best-of-3 series in the program. The Barracudas took the win with the result of 4-2 in a contended game. 

The Barracudas took the lead from the beginning, scoring two runs in the first inning and one in the second inning. The Challengers tried to come back at the fifth inning when Isabelle Tan hit a 2-runs home run. On the bottom part of the same inning, Barracudas' Mariah Jameyson scored one more run, thanks to Nina Laura Bär's double, fixing the score to 4-2. The game ended with this result.

Saturday starting at noon, the two teams will battle again in Zurich for the title of Swiss Champion. If necessary, the third game will be played at 14:30.

Follow the results at the Swiss Baseball and Softball Federation website.

On 2019Barracudas won the Swiss Softball Championship against Therwil Flyers.

/ Elda Ghilardi