The Akademiks won the final series of the Bulgarian National Women's Softball Championship for 2020.

The teams of Sofia Akademichki and the Dupnitsa Angels competed for the 2020 championship title of Bulgaria in a best-of-five series. The Akademiks recorded three consecutive victories (4-1, 11-4, and 12-11) against the 2019 defending champions Angels and showed a great team game.

The 2020 title is the 12th one for the Akademichki, which makes the team the most titled club in Bulgarian softball.

The championship title entitles the Akademichki to participate in the Women's European Cup in 2021

For 3rd place, Blagoevgrad Babes faced the Sofia Athletic. The games were full of tension with twists and unpredictability. 

In the fight for 3rd place, Babes won the first match of the best-of-three series. The second one led to an extra-inning, in which Babes defeated Athletic 14-13 and won the Bulgarian bronze medal for 2020.

/ Bulgarian Softball Federation press release
Cover Photo by Dirk Steffen
Photos by Nadia Kostadinova