The ESCA Holiday Special will be also broadcasted LIVE on Softball Europe and ESCA Facebook pages for everyone to follow!

Tune in at 19:00 CET here, LINK!

The ESCA Holiday Special is an online panel with four top coaches: Coach Montvidas, Coach Palmer, Coach Walker, Coach Bristow. The panel will last 90 minutes and will be presented by Ami Baran.

Coach Montvidas is the European Softball Coaches Association Director, find out more about him here.

Coach Palmer is the Head Coach for the University of California Riverside, find out more about her here.

Coach Walker is the assistant coach at UCLA, 2019 NCAA Champion, find out more about him here.

Coach Bristow is a Member of the NFCA Hall of Fame, Former Head Coach in the Women's Professional Softball League and Former Director of National Teams for USA Softball, find out more about her here.

The panel will start at 7 pm CET.