Today, Softball Europe President Gabriel Waage updated the European National Federations in regards to the 2021 European Competitions with am official letter.

"I promise that we will do our best to conduct all scheduled events." SE President Gabriel Waage stated.

Softball Europe is currently discussing with the host countries of the 2021 competitions (Italy, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic) as to specific conditions of organizing SE tournaments in their respective countries or regions and what would be the local requirements for holding the events.

Even if the requirements in each country were to be different, there will be a few points that will need to be similar if they do not contradict the National regulations, as the testing of all participants at the events.

To confirm their participation in the European Competitions, clubs and National Teams will have to pay the entry fee by March 15.
If a tournament were to be cancelled or a team will not be able to participate due to the consequences of the pandemic, the Entry Fee will be reimbursed.

As the situation throughout Europe is constantly changing, the SE EC has decided that the deadline of notification for cancelling an event will be 45 days before the tournament.

But SE President reassured the National Federations: "We will do whatever it takes so we do not have to cancel any of our tournaments."

/ Elda Ghilardi