The baseball and softball convention CON6 is starting today. All the speeches will be available online for free on FIBSChannel, the YouTube channel of the Italian Baseball and Softball Federation (FIBS).

LINK to follow the event.

The CON6 2021 Baseball and Softball Convention is an international event with online sessions available in both Italian and English languages from March 16-20, 2021. 

Tuesday March 16

18:30Stefano Malaguti: Introduction to Teaching BXC, Baseball for the Blindcoaching
18:30Gregorio Carletti: Physical Trainingumpires
19:30Movimento MaBasta!: The Problem of Bullyingcoaching, team executive, communication
19:30Andrea Annunziata: Sponsorshipsteam executive, communication
20:00Stefano Pieri: Fourth Outcoaching
20:30Eugene Bleecker: The Power of Player Development - Part 1coaching baseball
20:30Cindy Bristow: Defensive Coveragecoaching softball
20:30Gianluca Magnani: The Key to a consistent strike zone, the right position at home plateumpires
21:00Stefano Pieri: Fourth Out Question Time (live Zoom)scorers

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CON6 Baseball and Softball Convention will be broadcasted in English!

Photos courtesy of FIBS