With a lineup of 34 speakers from nine different fields of expertise in baseball and softball, the CON6 this year has been held online successfully on the YouTube channel of the Italian Baseball and Softball Federation (FIBS) from March 16-20. 

The CON6 2021 online contents received an impressive number of over 20,000 views worldwide according to the official statistics from FIBS on 22 March.

These informative and inspiring sessions have provided first-hand experience and knowledge from the speakers with clear presentation and explanation of the practical skills, the executive concepts, and the on- and off-field mentality for baseball and softball coaches, athletes, managers, umpires, scorers, and medical professionals. 

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In sessions regarding softball coaching, the founder of JustSOFTBALL Deb Hartwig gave a series of tips and drills on how to coach a catcher. Being experienced in both catching and umpiring, Hartwig also pointed out the importance of catchers having good communication and relation with the umpire

Co-chair of Softball Europe Scorekeepers Committee Dennis Duin explained the differences scorekeepers can encounter in baseball and softball, focusing on situations such as batter out of turn and appeal plays.
Watch Dennis Duin's session 1 here and session 2 here.

In the session for umpires, WBSC umpire Lisa Turbitt focused on interference and obstruction and analyzed different types of cases step-by-step, delivering a comprehensive concept of how to umpire in those situations. 
Watch Lisa Turbitt's session here.

On the last day of the CON6, team Italy manager and National Baseball Hall of Famer Mike Piazza, in a fascinating interview with Roberto Angotti, talked a lot about the stories of his baseball journey and shared valuable experience and ideas behind being a successful player, coach, and manager. “You always have to be hungry and want to be that guy in the big situation,” he said, “also concentrating on the task at hand and not getting distracted.”

The performance, pressure control, and concentration, three aspects which Mike Piazza focused on when he prepares for the key moments in his career, are also the core elements consisting his achievement today. 
Watch Mike Piazza's session here.

Most of the videos of the CON6 2021 sessions (except the ones on coaching) are now available and for free on the YouTube channel of the FIBS.
Find the links here, enjoy the speeches and get back to the field refreshed!

/ Pei-Ching Ko
Photos courtesy of FIBS