Didier Seminet will lead the French Baseball and Softball Federation until 2024.

Didier Seminet was re-elected President of the French Baseball and Softball Federation (FFBS) at the General Assembly on March 27, 2021.

The elected board of the FFBS is composed by 7 women and 12 men: Kuntz Stéphanie, Carrette-Legrand Fabien, Ponge Sylvain, Saidi Fouzia, Khemache Nora, Meurant Jean-Marie, Morel Anne-Marie, Sturtzer Damien, Bonavita Christelle, Ten Eyck David, Bidaut Vincent, Raphet Thierry, Dang Van Emmanuel, Guionie Damien, Millio Patrick, Grisot-Garbacz Véronique, Binot Marie-Christine, and Balane Prebagarane.

Didier Seminet is also the Co-President of WBSC Europe together with Gabriel Waage. Waage commented on Mr. Seminet's re-election: "Didier’s reelection as FFBS President is a great confirmation for French softball and baseball. It gives the stability to whole of Europe for the development and the activities of WBSC Europe."

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/ Elda Ghilardi
Logo courtesy of FFBS
Photo by Grega Valancic