The Dutch Baseball and Softball Federation (Koninklijke Nederlandse Baseball En Softball Bond - KNBSB) named Britt Vonk ambassador for inclusive sports. This nomination is part of the commitment from KNBSB to work for more diversity within sports and organizations.

"Our sports are for everyone," KNBSB wrote on its website, and "everyone should be able to be themselves," Vonk commented.

KNBSB is working on the themes of diversity and inclusion, launching new guidelines focusing on gender and sex inclusion: "Baseball and softball are for everyone. Every athlete must feel welcome and accepted in a team, despite differences in gender, age, health, ethnic background, sexual orientation, or social position".

Britt Vonk recently obtained a master's degree in sociology and is committed to themes such as the inclusion: “I hate it when athletes do not feel accepted for who they are and cannot enjoy what the sport has to offer, especially marginalized groups who feel excluded, such as some from the LGBTI + community or people with an ethnic background. I would like to contribute to change together with the KNBSB.”

Find the complete interview on the KNBSB website.

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/ Elda Ghilardi
Photos by Dirk Steffen