Team Italy, Germany, Poland, Kingdom of the Netherlands, France, Israel, Czech Republic and Spain go into day two of the Women’s Softball European Championship undefeated.

Despite being defeated by Team Italy under the lights in Castions di Strada by a score of 9-0, Russia shut out Bulgaria 10-0 in a Porpetto day game. In other contests in Porpetto, Germany lit up Lithuania 17-1 and Poland punished Hungary 11-1.  

Meanwhile in Ronchi dei Legionari, Kingdom of the Netherlands royally routed Austria 16-0, France beat Ukraine 5-2, and Israel shut out Croatia 7-0. Earlier in the day on the Castions di Strada field, Czech Republic sank Denmark 7-0 and Spain slid by Slovakia 5-3.    

With day one in the books, Team Italy (1-0) and Poland (1-0) lead Pool A with Russia (1-1) not far behind. Hungary (0-1) and Bulgaria (0-1) are seeking their first win.  

Kingdom of the Netherlands (1-0) and Germany (1-0) are on top of Pool B, while Austria (0-1) and Lithuania (0-1) trail.  

The Pool C leaders are Czech Republic (1-0) and Israel (1-0). Croatia (0-1) and Denmark (0-1) hope to get back on track.   

Spain (1-0) and France (1-0) squeaked out victories in Pool D, while unlucky Ukraine (0-1), and Slovakia (0-1) came up short.

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/ Roberto Angotti x FIBS