On day two of the Women's European Softball Championship in Friuli-Giulia Venezia, four undefeated front runners emerged in the standings with perfect 2-0 records.

Pool A: Prior to losing to leader Team Italy 10-0 in the Ronchi dei Legionari nightcap, Poland (2-1) shut out Bulgaria (0-2) by a score of 10-0 earlier in the day to remain tied for second place with Russia (2-1). Winless Hungary (0-2) fell victim to a Russian 18-0 blowout. 

Pool B: Kingdom of the Netherlands handed Germany (1-1) its first loss by a score of 9-6 in the Castions di Strada nightcap to stay on top, while Austria (1-1) won its first game by beating winless Lithuania (0-2) by a score of 17-0.  

Pool C: Undefeated Israel beat Czech Republic (1-1) by a slim 4-3 margin in Castions di Strada, and Croatia (1-1) slid by winless Denmark (0-2) with a 3-2 victory. 

Pool D: Leader Spain defeated France (1-1) by a score of 10-2 in Ronchi dei Legionari, while Ukraine (1-1) evened its record with an 8-7 victory over Slovakia (1-1) in Castions di Strada.

The games of Day two of the Women's Softball European Championship were streamed on baseballsoftball.tv

Find all the results and standings on WBSC Europe website.

/ Roberto Angotti x FIBS
Photo courtesy Ezio Ratti