The Czech National Team dominated the U-18 Women’s Softball European Championship, winning all games.

Championship Game
In the U-18 Women’s Softball European Championship Game, Czech Republic defeated Italy, 3-6, claiming the second ever European Title in this age category after the one in 2014. 

The Czech National Team took the lead on the bottom of the second, scoring twice, thanks to a double by Smentanova, and the singles by Bouckova and Touskova. Italy answered on the top of the third, scoring once (1-2). Four more hits allowed two more runs for the Czech Team (1-4).  One inning later, with bases loaded, a fielder's choice, and one error permitted two runs to the Azzurre (3-4). The Czech scored once (3-5), thanks to a fielding error of the Italian shortstop. On the bottom of the sixth, the Czech scored once more to secure the game (3-6). On the top of the seventh, Team Italy went scoreless with two flyballs and one strikeout, ending the game 3-6, giving the Gold Medal to the Czech National Team.

This one is the fourth gold medal for the Czech Softball Association in 2021, after the ones in the Men's Softball European Championships (Senior, U-16, and U-18).

Bronze Medal Game 
In the Bronze Medal Game, the Netherlands claimed the W against Spain, 3-7. The Dutch National Team took the lead in the first, scoring twice. Increased the lead in the second for the 0-4, and scored once again in the fourth (0-5). Spain responded on the top of the fifth with two runs (2-5) but the Dutch scored the other two runs at the bottom of the sixth to take the partial result to 2-7.  On the last occasion for the Spanish National Team, Ainhoa Lardin started with an inning leadoff double to left field and scored on the sacrifice fly by Yulan Denia. The Dutch pitcher Yala Zwakman closed the game striking out Carmen Caicoya, and giving the Netherlands the Bronze Medal.

5th Spot Game
The German National Team defeated France, 11-4, in the placement game for the fifth spot of the U-18 Women's Softball European Championship.

7th Spot Game
Poland lost 7-4 to Ukraine in the first game of Day 6 at the U-18 Women's Softball European Championship.

Final Standings
1: Czech Republic (8-0)
2: Italy (7-2)
3: Netherlands (6-2)
4: Spain (4-4)
5: Germany (5-4)
6: France (3-6)
7: Ukraine (4-4)
8: Poland (4-4)
9: Croatia (1-6)
10: Sweden (1-6)
11: Austria (1-6)

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