The GB Masters won the British Softball Federation World Series trophy topping Team USA 27-26 in the Championship Final at Farnham Park. 

Twelve slowpitch teams took part in the British Softball Federation World Series which is usually an international competition. Because of the pandemic, none of the six teams from Europe that had signed up for the competition were able to attend. This is the first time that the World Series was an all-domestic British event.

Losing by 18-1 as GB Masters came to bat in the bottom of the third inning, it looked like Team USA would raise their fourth World Series cup in five years. But two rallies got Roger Grooms and his team of current and former GB Slowpitch players over the line and GB Masters claimed the first-ever British Softball Federation’s World Series Title in their history.
The two finals MVPs were Danielle Atkinson (GB Masters) and Brian Barrett (USA).

Reflecting on the game, GB Masters captain Roger Grooms said, "This was probably the greatest-ever game I have seen or been involved in during 20 years of playing. The way we came back from 18-1 down, when literally the only positive at that point was getting home early, to the sheer emotion of winning in the seventh inning is the best single-game experience I have had in softball. We were well aware of the disappointment of losing the previous four finals, and when that winning run crossed the plate in the bottom of the seventh, the delight of everyone on a very close-knit team was fabulous to see."

Final standings
Final standings in the 2021 Softball World Series were:
1 – GB Masters 
2 – USA
3 – GB Futures
4 – England
5 – Canada
6 – Africa
7 – Japan
8 – Anzacs
9 – GB Universities
10 -- Latinos
11 – Welsh Exiles
12 – Rest of Europe

World Series history
The list of World Series winners:
2021 – GB Masters
2020 – No tournament played due to Covid-19
2019 – UCE Travellers (Germany) 
2018 – USA
2017 – USA
2016 – USA
2015 – UCE Travellers (Germany)
2014 – England
2013 – Anzacs
2012 – Anzacs
2011 – Lakenheath Eagles
2010 – Lakenheath Eagles
2009 – England
2008 – Anzacs
2007 – Anzacs
2006 – Rest of the World
2005 – USA
2004 – Africa
2003 – Africa
2002 – USA
2001 – Africa
2000 – Africa
1999 -- England

Find the all the results on the British Softball Federation website.

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