In 2021, the Stabroek Chicaboo’s won the National Belgian Championships for Women's Softball and Men's Softball. 

In the Men's Softball Belgian Series, the Stabroek Chicaboo’s topped the Brasschaat Braves to be crowned National Champions of Belgium.  In the first weekend of the series, the Chicaboo's took the lead winning game one, 3 - 2, and dominated game two against the Brasschaat Braves, 7 - 0. The Brasschaat Braves won game three to keep the series on, but game four went to the Stabroek Chicaboo’s to win the Men's Softball Belgian Series and become Belgian National Champions.

The Stabroek Chicaboo’s also won the Women's Softball Belgian Series against the Hoboken Pioneers. In the best-of-5 series, the Chicaboo's started strong on game one when they won 0 - 11 taking the lead in the series. The Hoboken Pioneers answered in the second game, winning 11 - 9 and tying the series.  The Chicaboo's took game three, 7-0, and game four, 13 - 3, to win the Women's Softball Belgian National League Title.

The Stabroek Chicaboo’s also won the Softball Ladies Reserve 2021 to crown an excellent 2021 season.