Among the Baseball and Softball European Championships and Cups, WBSC Europe will organise two events under its umbrella in 2022: the Super6 and the first-ever U-17 Baseball5 European Championship.

After a four-year gap, the Super6 will be back in 2022. The second Super6 will take place from September 5 to 10, 2022. The top-6 teams from the 2021 Men's Baseball and Women's Softball European Championships will be eligible to compete for six days. The Baseball and Softball Super6 will come about in the same venue in Barcelona, Spain.

The first-ever Super6 took place in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, in the late September of 2018. The Dutch took the Men's Baseball trophy, while the Czech won the Women's Softball one.

In 2022, the first-ever U-17 Baseball5 European Championship will be played as a qualifier for the first-ever WBSC U-17 Baseball5 World Cup scheduled for 2023. The U-17 Baseball5 European Championship is scheduled for the last quarter of 2022 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

This will be the second Baseball5 European Championship after the 2020 Baseball5 European Championship won by France.

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