Softball Europe President Gabriel Waage addresses softball leaders, players, coaches, and fans around Europe in his end-of-year message.

Softball Europe President Gabriel Waage wishes to send this message to our community for the current festivities: "On behalf of Softball Europe, I would like to wish all of you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! I am really grateful we all returned to the softball fields in 2021 and I will be glad to see you all in person at the 2022 softball events."

During the several phases of the pandemic, Softball Europe focused on getting back to playing on the field, nationally and internationally. The objective to do this, restore International Softball throughout Europe was accomplished: after the whole 2020 season had to be cancelled, Softball Europe organised five European Championships and six European Cups in 2021. 

Players, Coaches, Umpires, Managers, Leaders, Parents, Fans, Photographers, Journalists, Scorers, Sponsors, Groundskeepers, and Volunteers are to be thanked for going back to the softball fields. Looking back upon the past year, Gabriel Waage thanked them: "I would like to thank all of you for your effort to keep our sport alive during two challenging years. Your work is essential because it allows all the activities to take place for so many players."

Gratitude was expressed to the Softball Europe Board and team: "Special thanks to the Softball Europe Council members and team for your contribution to steering our ship, Softball Europe Ship. Your work is invaluable!"

Closing his message, Softball Europe President looked at the future: "I am looking forward to building our great ship all together next year and to having a strong leadership to steer in the right direction".

At the beginning of 2022, the WBSC Europe elections will take place and a new chapter in European softball and baseball history will be written.