The 2022 Softball Europe Window took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on February 11, 2022.

The WBSC Europe Members took part in the 2022 Softball Europe Window presented during the WBSC Europe Congress by Softball Europe Directory and Officials. WBSC Europe Co-President Gabriel Waage opened the SE Window, welcoming the Board Members, and the European National Federations delegates. USA Softball Executive Director and WBSC 2nd Vice Chairman Craig Cress also took part in the ESF Congress, renovating the support and esteem for the European Softball and Baseball Community.

Softball Europe Officials and Directory gave an overview of the work carried out in the past two years, 2020 and 2021, under the standpoints of competition, finance, media, and development.

Ms. Cornelia Chwojka, Softball Europe Chair of Competition Commission, presented the European Championships and Cups scheduled for 2022. 

The 2022 U-22 Women's European Championship Teams will be divided into four pools: 

  • Pool A: Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, and Croatia; 
  • Pool B: Netherlands, Belgium, Ukraine, Spain, and Sweden; 
  • Pool C: Ireland, Czech Republic, Israel, and France; 
  • Pool D: Great Britain, Russia, Austria, and Hungary.

The 2022 U-15 Women's European Championship Teams will be divided into two pools: 

  • Pool A: Netherlands, Russia, Germany, Croatia, and Poland; 
  • Pool B: Italy, Czech Republic, Ukraine, France, Great Britain, Lithuania.

The 2022 Women's European Championship Teams will be divided into four pools: 

  • Pool A: Italy, Russia, Poland, Ireland, and Belgium; 
  • Pool B: Netherlands, Germany, Croatia, Great Britain, and Greece; 
  • Pool C: Czech Republic, France, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, and Malta; 
  • Pool D: Israel, Spain, Ukraine, Slovakia, Turkey, and Finland.

Wrapping up the Softball Europe Window, Mr. Waage thanked the Softball Board Member for the years leading the European Softball Federation and wished the best for the future of baseball and softball united under one Confederation.