Last weekend, Zagreb, Croatia, hosted the first phase of the 2022 Central Europe Women’s Softball Euroleague. Five of the seven teams enrolled in the league played eight games. The home club Princ Zagreb is leading the group with four Wins.

On the first day of the 2022 Central Europe Women’s Softball Euroleague, on Saturday, March 26, Princ Zagreb (CRO) won the first two games against Medvednica (CRO), 12:2, and Budapest Red Wolves (HUN), 1:12.Apollo Bratislava (SVK) later defeated the Lady Pirates (CRO), 10:0, that suffered another loss against Medvednica (CRO) in the last game of the day, 5:16. 

The day after, the home team Princ Zagreb (CRO) won two more games defeating Apollo Bratislava (SVK) first, 11:1, and then the Lady Pirates (CRO), 2:15.Medvednica (CRO) won against the Budapest Red Wolves (HUN), 14:7, and Apollo Bratislava (SVK) wrapped up the day also winning against the Budapest Red Wolves (HUN), 7:4.

Results Saturday, March 26, 2022:
Princ Zagreb (CRO) - Medvednica (CRO) 12:2
Budapest Red Wolves (HUN) - Princ Zagreb (CRO) 1:12
Apollo Bratislava (SVK) - Lady Pirates (CRO) 10:0
Lady Pirates (CRO) - Medvednica (CRO) 5:16

Results Saturday, March 27, 2022:
Princ Zagreb (CRO) - Apollo Bratislava (SVK) 11:1
Lady Pirates (CRO) - Princ Zagreb (CRO) 2:15
Medvednica (CRO) - Budapest Red Wolves (HUN) 14:7
Apollo Bratislava (SVK) - Budapest Red Wolves (HUN) 7:4 

Princ Zagreb (CRO) 4 W
Apollo Bratislava (SVK) 2 W 1 L
Medvednica (CRO) 2 W 1 L
Lady Pirates (CRO) 3 L
Budapest Red Wolves (HUN) 3 L
Trnava Panthers Softball (SVK)
Jánossomorja Rascals (HUN)

The next tournament of the Central Europe Women’s Softball Euroleague is scheduled in Hungary from April 30 to May 1, 2022. Then, two more weekends of games will take place in July and in September, both in Slovakia.

/ Cover photo by Lorena Puškarić