In total
seven teams participated at 3rd European Massimo Romeo Trophy in Collecchio. Unfortunately Ukraine had to pull out due to critical situation in their country.

Excellent atmosphere was felt during whole tournament. The main goal of this event is to offer the event for youth from several countries, when they meet, play and find new friends. Moscovia, Slovakia and two Italians selections qualified to page system. Qualifying to page system was great success mainly for Slovakia. Finally Italy 1 defeated Moscovia 6:1 in the final and defended last year winning.

Massimo Romeo was personally presented at the final day and decorated winning team by gold. Also GB fans and parents strongly supported the Cubs and made final point by slowpitch opened game at the end of final day.

ESF First Vice President met with organizers and discussed about the future of the tournament. The main goal is to extend number of the participants and make really European Festival of Youth. Any supporting tools will be announced later. But already now we can say – don’t miss 4th European Massimo Trophy next year!