First weekend of September, Vienna. The best four teams after a season filled with games came into the Freudenau in Vienna to fight for the title of the Austrian champion.

The third and fourth teams kicked off the weekend, as Witches Linz and St. Pölten Pee Wees had the chance to win their spot in the semifinal game. Both teams played equally well throughout the season and gathered the same number of wins and losses. The Witches came into this game ranked third and proved their strenght against the Pee Wees, managed to beat them with the score 5:1, which left the Pee Wees at fourth place. The Witches advanced into the semifinal.

The first team - Dornbirn Sharx - played the second ranked team Vienna Mosquitoes. While the Mosquitoes tried hard, it wasn't enought to beat the Sharx, who won 11:7 and advanced to the final game. The Sharx took the first spot in the final, meanwhile the Mosquitoes needed some rest since they were expecting to play two games the next day. 

The other semifinal game was played the following day, in which the Mosquitoes defeated the Witches 7:4 in a tight 8-inning game. The Witches Linz had to settle for the bronze medal, while the Mosquitoes earned a second chance to prove they were better than the Sharx.

The final game was very onesided though. The Sharx made it very clear that they were the strongest team of the 2015 season and proved they belong to the top of the scoreboard. The final game score was 7:0 and Dornbirn Sharx became the Austrian Champions for the 13th time!  

Unlike the final game, the games throughout the season were very close and tight, which indicates an incresed level of competition in the Austrian Softball League.  Take a look at the individual awards given out for the best performances in the ASL.

Ashley Jackson (Gold Glove Pitcher)
Etheredge Mikaila (Gold Glove Catcher) 
Rauch Catharina (Gold Glove 1st Base)
Mayr Viktoria (Gold Glove 2nd Base)
Du Toit Lauren (Gold Glove 3rd Base)
Birgit Grass (Gold Glove Shortstop)
Rachbauer Lisa (Gold Glove Leftfield)
Steph Gosselin (Goldglove Centerfield),
Beate Sinnstein (Gold Glove Rightfield)
Cacilia Luster (MVP Season 2015). 
Mauric Nicole (Best Batter)
Gabriella Smith (Best Pitcher)

You can also take a look at some pics by Nutville Photography here.

(special thanks to Martina Lackner)