The National Champion of Poland was determined after five tournaments, which were played throughout the whole season. Each team played four games during every tournament and the best team won 16 out of 20 games total.

Congratulations to Warsaw Diamonds, who became the national champion of Poland.  

They were lead by Christopher Sweeney, who was also the national team's head coach in the past years: "The league was decided by a tie-breaker game, with the deciding factor being the Diamonds winning 3 of 5 directly with the Delfiny team. We were helped significantly by having a large roster and a deep bench. The team has more than 30 players, and it helped us survive a number of serious injuries to starting players."

 The players got a chance to gain some extra fastpitch experience when they played side by side with a few foreign players. A Spanish and an Italian pitcher both joined the Diamonds for one of the national league tournaments. The Diamonds also boosted their performance at the European Cup Women in Bulgaria with an American pitcher, Kelsea Garthoff. Victoria Sovak, originally from the US, who now lives in Poland, performed as one of the top players in the Polish league for the first half of the season. The players from Warsaw are lucky to have experienced such a season, which gave them a chance to learn from the more seasoned players, who know the game from a different point of view and at a higher level. 

When it comes to the issue of raising the level of European softball, this seems to be the right way.

Final standings

1. Warsaw Diamonds 

2. Delfiny Skarbimierz 

3. Szóstka Brzeg 

4. Stal Kutno 

5. Hrabiny Wrocław

You can also review the games record here.

-HNov, Asia Gornia-