Completely new Facebook project took place in 2015, the so called Photofest had been planned since 2014 and finally became reality. 

Not only photographers, but basically anyone who has ever taken a softball picture, had a chance to take part in this project and win the main prize – a trip to an ESF event of their choice. The goal was to pick the "best softball photo", to create a collection of nice softball shots in one place and put them on display for a broader audience to see. Last but not least, we also wanted to support the newly emerging image of ESF, who is not only an organizer of European competitions, but also a catalyst of the European softball community and supporter of the game of softball itself.

During the spring, four Photofest rounds took place, with each of them having its own topic: Softball emotions, Field and Audience, Softball tattoos and accessories, and Action in the game. Each round had its winner determined by a combination of jury evaluation and Facebook audience vote. The absolute winner was later chosen by the jury, who picked the best photo from the first-round winners. A people’s choice award was also presented based solely on the public vote on Facebook.

The absolute winner, Olaf Haugwitz, who is the editor in chief of German "Softball Magazin", chose to visit the Women's European Champioship in Rosmalen, Netherlands. ESF has provided him with a photographer accreditation, accomodation. Olaf enjoyed the event, especially because he got to tak beautifull photographs again. You can check out his pictures here

ESF President, Andre Van Overbeek (left) presented Olaf Haugwitz (middle) with a commemorative plaque during the Women's Europea Championship closing ceremony.  

A total of 161 photos from more than 50 authors were submitted for the photo contest.

These pictures received more than 5,400 likes from Facebook users.

Another round of a similar contest will be organized again in the future. And a different audience-encouraging project is planned for next year, look forward to developing your practice.

We would like to thank everyone, who took part in this contest, but also to each single one person, who supported this project with his or her like or share.

Check out the winning pictures below:

Absolute winner and also the „Field and Audience“ winner: Olaf Haugwitz

Public vote winner: „Zuzana Stronerová“

Emotions in the Game“ winner: Ton Snijders

„Softball tatoos and accessories“ winner: Tamara Djeric

Action in the game“ winner: Zuzana Stronerová