Giants are Croatian Champions 2015

Team Zagreb Giants became Croatian Champions in season 2015. It is their second trophey in this season. They also won the Croatian Cup early. Finals were played on Saturday, on October 17th. Both teams did well on the field. The score was 2:2 untill the 5th inning. Giants scored 5 more points in the 5th and 6th. Mrki Medvedi started making points again in 7th inning but they only scored 3 points and that was not enough for a turnover. Mrki Medvedi ended the game with 7 hits while Giants had 5. Giants won 7:5. 

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Princ take triple crown in season 2015

On Sunday 18.10.2015. girls from Princ won third trophy in this season. With score 12:3 they were better than Lady Pirates and became Croatian Champions. Game was close till 4th inning when Princ made 7 points thanks to Lady Pirates making 6 errors in their defense. 

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