Prague, the 7th of July 2013: Probably none of the championships held in the Czech Republic before was available to watch as closely as the current Prague’s European championship. You can watch all games online with live results, the medal games even on stream video coverages or in the broadcast of Czech TV (Ceska televize).

CT Sport

Medial partner of the championship is the Czech TV, which will try to cover whole event as much as possible according to one of the reporters – Jakub Starik. „We’ll broadcast ten minutes long summaries daily. Also, we’re preparing a live broadcast on Friday’s semifinal and one game on Sunday (not live). It depends on results of the Czech team. In the end, we are going to broadcast a half-hour long documentary about the whole tournament,“ says Jakub Starik. The summaries will be broadcasted in late evening hours on CT Sport – the same channel, where will be the medal games.

Stream broadcast

You can watch four more games on the internet thanks to streamed broadcast. It will be both semifinals, bronze medal game and the final one. This broadcast is financed by the European Softball Federation (ESF) and will be operated by a company Link on the stream will be published on our website.

Play-by-play coverages

Each of the 75 games will be also online thanks to special reporters, who’ll be updating the live score as well as the other information. Therefore you can watch online results during every inning, line-ups of both teams, results of all starts at bat or the set of players in field. Play-by-play coverage offers you also a possibility of watching detailed hitting and pitching statistics from the games.

Czech team games and whole play-offs will be also covered by a website redaction on the site You can watch there all important games with a detailed description of the game. On the other side, there aren’t any statistics like on the play-by-plays. „Softball coverages will be a new experience, which could bring the game closer to the people, who usually don’t pay attention to this sport. We’ll try to describe the action in a way everyone can understand it,“ sais Pavel Hrdina, who’ll manage the online service with the coverages on Results and game reports

There will be game reports with results and post-game comments from every game on the internet. You can await interviews with players and other articles, which will be published early after the game is over on our official website. More information can be found from our medial partners. However, the best experience comes with watching the game right from the stands so come support the national team – we’re starting on Sunday!

Further infromation to the Women‘s European Championship 2013 are on our official website Updated profiles of the championship are also available on social networks Facebook ( and Twitter ( 

Competition: 2013 XVIII. EChW, Prague (CZE): 7 - 13 Jul