April in Greece marks the beginning of softball activities for our men’s and women’s teams, and two warm-up tournaments to help players prepare for the 2016 season have been held this month.

Men’s Tournament

On April 3, a brand new one-day men’s fastpitch tournament was held at the Ellinikon Softball Field in southern Athens. The tournament featured great plays, hard hits and lots of fun for all involved, and the results were as follows:

Pegasus 17, Giants 8

Ifestos 12, Giants 2

Ifestos 14, Pegasus 8

Women’s Tournament

On the weekend of April 9-10, it was the women’s turn, with their warm-up tournament also held at the Ellinikon Softball Field.  All of the teams tested different lineups, with a mixture of young and experienced players, and great softball and beautiful weather made it a perfect weekend both for those who played and those who came to watch.  The results were:

Evryali Glyfadas 12, Daphne P. Falirou 5

Evryali Glyfadas 13, Ionikos/Ladonas 6

Daphne P. Falirou 4, Ionikos/Ladonas 2

Seirios Patras 14, Ionikos/Ladonas 1

Seirios Patras 9, Daphne P. Falirou 2

Seirios Patras 13, Evryali Glyfadas 6

More softball action from Greece is coming soon.  Stay updated on softball in Greece by visiting our Federation website: www.greeksoftball.gr.

-Kostis Liarommatis, Helena Novotná-