On April 16 and 17, the first round of the 2016 Softball Euroleague took place in Slovakia, hosted by Apollo Bratislava and Trnava Panthers.  Last year’s champions, the Vienna M-Stars (last year listed as Vienna Mosquitoes), remained undefeated after the first round.  The spectators had a chance to see many close games and some excellent softball action.  

Results of the first round were:   

SATURDAY (April 16)

Trnava Panthers (SVK) 4, Princ Zagreb (CRO) 3 
Zraloci Ledenice (CZE) 10, Hungarian Astros (HUN) 7
Princ Zagreb (CRO) 7, Trnava Panthers (SVK) 0 
Zraloci Ledenice (CZE) 13, Hungarian Astros (HUN) 12  
Apollo Bratislava (SVK) 15, Lady Pirates Zagreb (CRO) 2
Vienna M-Stars (AUT) 13, Budapest Reds (HUN) 2
Apollo Bratislava (SVK) 12, Lady Pirates Zagreb (CRO) 4
Vienna M-Stars (AUT) 8, Budapest Reds (HUN) 6     

SUNDAY (April 17)    

Princ Zagreb (CRO) 9, Apollo Bratislava (SVK) 2
Budapest Reds (HUN) 4, Zraloci Ledenice (CZE) 3
Princ Zagreb (CRO) 7, Apollo Bratislava (SVK) 5
Zraloci Ledenice (CZE) 11, Budapest Reds (HUN) 10  
Trnava Panthers (SVK) 14, Lady Pirates Zagreb (CRO) 1
Vienna M-Stars (AUT) 18, Hungarian Astros (HUN) 9
Trnava Panthers (SVK) 11, Lady Pirates Zagreb (CRO) 1
Vienna M-Stars (AUT) 6, Hungarian Astros (HUN) 2

Preliminary standings after first round are:

-Petra Cizmic, Helena Novotná-