On the weekend of 11-12 June, the ESF/CEB BeeBall Development Crew was invited by the Svenska Baseboll och Softboll Förbundet, the Swedish Federation, to Skövde, to hold a BeeBall Clinic. 

Prior to the clinic, in cooperation with the ESF/CEB Development Commission, the Swedish Federation had produced relevant materials, such as the BeeBall rules and promotional booklets, in the Swedish language.

Swedish BeeBall Ambassadors with Mrs. Mariana Atanasova (ESF/CEB-instructor)

At the beginning of the clinic, Anton Kops, the head of BeeBall Development in Europe, delivered a completely new presentation, partly in English and partly in Swedish. 

After that first session, all the participants were convinced that a year of BeeBall delivery in Sweden could lead to the creation of as many as 40 teams.

On the second day, under a beautiful blue sky, children from the city of Skövde participated in a BeeBall demonstration and games led by by Mariana Atanasova from the Netherlands. 

The clinic sessions in Sweden were another step on the journey of growing softball through the kid-friendly game of BeeBall, and with a bit of passion and hard work, anyone can make this happen. 

The ESF/CEB Development Commission plans to organize up to four BeeBall clinics this year.  To apply for a BeeBall Clinic in your country, please check out more details here.

-Anton Kops, Helena Novotná-