On the weekend of June 18 – 19, softball in Serbia experienced a record attendance at a youth softball tournament. More than 120 players – a total of twelve teams - came to the city of Indjija to take part in a softball-promotional event. This was, by far, the highest number of participants in the Serbian softball history.


Softball club Alligators organized this tournament in cooperation with a local school, so the credit for organization goes to the school principal, Borka Popović, and Djorde Mitrovic, the president of the Alligators club. The Serbian Softball Federation would also like to thank Jovan Popović, whose large American football field was modified into two softball fields for this special occasion. The tournament was also visited by other representatives of the municipality of Indjija.


The best three teams were:

1.      Alligators
2.      Dogs
3.      Pirates

The best player (MVP) of the tournament was Irina Spasojevic and Jelena Cvetković was the best coach.

There was a cheerful atmosphere during the whole tournament and all the kids enjoyed a lot of fun playing softball.

The whole tournament was live broadcast through an online stream by www.sportuzivo.tv.

-Slobodan Djuric, Helena Novotná-