Only two teams remain unbeaten at the Under-22 Women’s World Championship. The Dutch and Russian both easily won over Lithuania and Russia also added a decent 8-0 victory over the home side while not allowing the opponent a single hit. The hosts managed to defeat Ukraine. Only two games were played on full 7 innings.

Lithuania vs. Russia 1-18 after 3rd inning
Another reunion of two post-Soviet republics for Lithuania and another harsh loss... The Russians managed to gather unbelievable amount of 13 (!) runs in the first inning. Just like against Ukraine the day before, Lithuania managed to pull one run back in bottom, but couldn’t avoid a quick death in the third inning by mercy rule with the final score 18-1 in favor of Russia. Zaitceva had 4 RBIs with two starts at bat scoring both times herself.

Ukraine vs. The Czech Republic 4-12 after 5rd inning
Tough loss to the Netherlands didn’t leave any major marks on the host side. The Czechs entered their second game with confidence and took 6-0 lead by the start of the third inning. Short loss of focus lead to two defensive errors and the Ukrainians scoring four runs got in touch. However, that was it from them as Eliska Thompsonova hit 2 RBI triple and the Czechs took control of the game once again. 12-4 win in the end set them up nicely for evening encounter with Russia. 

Slovakia vs. Greece 5-2
It’s an ability to win tight games that suit to Slovak team so far. How else would you describe a game against Greece – 9-8 on hits, 3-3 on errors. The Slovaks did great to take advantage of all those errors from the opposition. First run by Gunisova came on passed ball, then two more consecutive errors in the third inning and Gunisova scored again. Vrentzos’ two-point homer gave a bit of hope back to Greece, but the Slovaks answered immediately and set the final score at 5-2.

The Netherlands vs. Lithuania 15-0 after 3rd inning
The Dutch turned their first two games into blow outs and had a great opportunity to do so once again. Lithuania had a decent first inning after which the team was only two runs behind. Nonetheless, it didn’t help them to avoid the end by mercy rule after 3rd inning. Wies Ligtvoegt started a bit of a party in her dugout with the inside-the-park grandslam only a while before Los sent another homer over the left field.

Poland vs. Ukraine 8-4
After losing to Slovakia and Greece, the Poles had to pick themselves up. Zielinska started as the first at bat and managed to complete the first run straight away, then another one in the third inning and Poland went in a 4-1 lead. They had four more hits in the fourth and mainly Langner’s 2 RBI single. However, Kusz made an error and offered the Ukrainians to pull two runs down. Then in the sixth inning, the Ukrainians had all bases loaded with no one out. Poland’s coach had to calm Zmyslonova down and he did well. The Polish pitcher then allowed only one run from this critical situation.

Russia vs. The Czech Republic 8-0 after 5th inning
Without a single hit, you can hardly maintain your ground against anybody, more so against one of the favorites. The Czech offense suffered a harsh defeat while the Russians were merciless. 2 RBIs double by Barysheva set Russia 4-0 up in bottom of 1st inning. Then Sorokina pulled two more players home with bases loaded in the 2nd inning. In the next one, the Czechs got their first player on base and it was a base on balls. None of the changes made by Czech coaches in their battery made a difference. Russia triumphed by 8-0 difference after 5th inning.

/photos by Libor Matějka/
-Martin Voltr, Marek Kratochvíl-