Six games were scheduled for Wednesday. These were the last round robin games.

Pools C and D will be determined according to the round robin standings. The best three teams from each group will move to the pool C and the remaining teams will make up the pool D.

The top four teams will come out of the pool C and will play for two spots in the final game.

Remaining teams will play for their positions in the final standings.

Great Britain 10, Sweden 0
This was the third game at the tournament for team Sweden. The playes kept enjoying their experience intake, even though they didn’t recorded a single hit. Only one error was added to their stats though, and two out of the four innings were scoreless. The British players hit three homeruns and ended the game prematurely on run-ahead rule.
Homeruns: Joshua Peat, Kevin Stockford, James Darby

Czech Republic 12, Germany 2
Team Germany played a great game against the Czechs. Felix Schwan from Germany scored the first run of the game while the Czechs recorded a fielding error. Neither German defense played perfectly, „we could have done a better job, I regret those two errors, which cost us a few runs,“ said Wolfgang Walther, German head coach. Despite a number of National Team rookies in the Czech line-up, there were no doubts about the winner of this game.

Croatia 7, Sweden 0
A day will come and number zero will not be on the Swedish side, but sadly, the day has not come yet. But they were very close! In the top of the fifth, Thomas Mikkelsen walked and advanced to second and to third on two back to back groundballs. Martin Sundqvist stepped into the batters box then, he hit the ball hard, speedy line-drive aimed to the left field, but the Croatian third baseman stretched his arm towards the ball and caught it at first, however as hardly as the ball was hit, the third baseman dropped the ball. Sundqvist ran quickly to the first base, while Mikkelsen was on his way for the first run for Sweden. The third baseman picked up the ball he had dropped and made a throw to the first base. It was a tough call for the umpire, but Sundqvist was the thrid out of the inning and the game was over with no runs for the Swedes again.
Team Croatia gathered two homeruns in this game.
Homeruns: Kristijan Belas, Sasa Dokmanovic

Belgium 6, Netherlands 3
This exciting game resulted into a historical win of the Belgian team. Wout Cnops, the pitcher, who led his team to the win said: „It’s been one of our goals for a long time to beat the Netherlands. We have not accomplished this goal in an official tournament until now.“ Cnops only struck out two Dutch batters and pointed out the importance of the Belgian defense, that recorded no errors througout this game. Team Belgium also showed a stronger batting performance and deserved the historical success.
Homerun: Kristof van Aarsen (BEL)

Denmark 10, Israel 0
The score of this game tells the story itself. Israeli batters were a bit hopeless having recorded 10 strike-outs. Batters from Denmark on the other hand brought home seven runs on their hits, including two homeruns. Another three runs were scored on the opponents errors.
Homeruns: Jacob Mortensen, Anton Brown

Netherlands 12, Italy 4
The last game of the day was played by the hosting team, therefore many spectator came to the ballpark. They couldn’t be happy with their team’s performance though. The first three Italian batters  struck out and nearly 30 minutes long defense began. Italian pitcher Eros Genero was hit by a line-drive to his shin and had to be substituted. The Dutch battes recorded incredible 9 runs on 6 hits in the first inning.

Team Italy struck back in the fourth inning. The Italians pushed the Dutch players to make errors by finally contacting their pitches and recorded four runs. The Italian audience was satisfied, even though that their team lost on mercy rule in the fifth inning.
Homerun: Antony Beaumont (NED)

/photos by Sascha Schneider/
-Helena Novotná-