One of the issues that coutries with less developed softball programs deal with is the lack of softball equipment.

The ESF has been trying to help these countries. A container with used softball equipment from the US was brought to Bulgaria and the equipment was redistributed to those who needed it the most.With the assistance of Pitch in for Baseball and other organizations the ESF has been able to distribute equipment to many of our member federations and hope to continue this thourhpgut the year.   

During the Under 22 Women’s European Championship, some of the bats and balls were given to representatives of Lithuanian and Ukrainian softball federations.

Andre van Overbeek, the ESF president, wished them both a smooth and successfull growth of their softball programs.

“The primary goal of the Federation is to develop and to promote softball in

Ukraine. However, the present financial aspect makes it impossible to handle duties on equipment provision for teams, clubs, schools, workshops for children.

Through your kind assistance the most part of the equipment will be aimed at the complement and the creation of school teams for children and juniors, which will help to fulfil the program on the promotion of softball amongst children and youth.” Said Vasyl Kysil, vice-president of the Ukrainian Softball Federation.