European Premiere Cup Women takes place in Ronchi dei Legionari and Cervignano, Italy, 15 - 20 August.

Live video broadcasting by will be available on the final three days (Thursday, Friday and Saturday 18 - 20 August) for free.   

All live-streamed games are accessible through the ESF website, or here

For specific games click the following links:  

11:00 - Sparks (NED) vs Les Comanches (FRA):
13:30 - Skovde (SWE) vs Vermins (GER):
16:00 - Hoboken (BEL) vs Eagles (SUI):
18:30 - Skovde (SWE) vs Joudrs (CZE):
21:00 - Forli (ITA) vs Bussolengo (ITA):

11:00 - Joudrs (CZE) vs Les Comanches (FRA)
13:30 - Sparks (NED) vs Forli (ITA)
18:30 - Quarterfinal:
21:00 - Semifinal 1:

12:00 - Semifinal 2:
17:00 - Final:

About the EPCW

This is the 39th time the European Premiere Cup Women takes place. The event has been organized every year since 1978, in 1992 the tournament was divided into two levels - Premiere Cup Women (A Cup) and Cup Women (B Cup, winner advances to A Cup).
Dutch (24 wins) and Italian (12 wins) clubs have been dominating this competition since it's very beginning. There are only two other nations, who seized the win at the Premiere Cup: Austria (Sharx in 2009) and the Czech Republic (Eagles in 2013).


   Bussolengo (ITA) (defending champion)

  Eagles (SUI)  

   Forli (ITA)  

   Hoboken (BEL)  

   Joudrs Praha (CZE)  

   Les Comanches (FRA)  

   Skövde (SWE)  

   Sparks (NED)  

   Vermins (GER) 

Schedule, results, live scoring: here

European Cup Winners Cup and European Cup Women take place at the same time in Ostrava and Most, Czech Republic. Schedule, results and live scoring from all the tournament are available here.

/photos by Grega Valancic/
-Helena Novotná-