European Premiere Cup Women

Sparks Haarlem from Netherlands became the Club Champions of 2016. 

photo by Grega Valancic

SK Joudrs Praha (CZE) took silver medals

Forli (ITA) took bronze.

European Cup Women

Mediterraneo, team representing Malta, consisting mostly of Italian players from team Casserta won the "European Cup B" and secured Malta a spot in the Premiere Cup for the next year.

photo by Antonio Fernandez

Czech SC Storms Repy took silver.

Spanish Sant Boi took bronze.

European Cup Winner's Cup Women

Olympia Haarlem seized the title among the teams who won their National Cup competitions.

photo by Robert Meijboom

Italian Legnano took silver.

Team from Belgium, Brasschaat Braves took bronze.

/cover photo by Grega Valancic/
-Helena Novotná-