European Super Cup Men takes place in Azzano, Staranzano, Castions delle Mura and Cervignano, Italy,  August 29 - September 3.
Men's Super Cup is the absolutely highest-level men's fastpitch tournament in Europe, where there are not only the best European players, but also some of the top fastpitch players from Argentina, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, USA and Venezuela

Live video broadcasting by will be available on the final two days (Friday and Saturday, September 2-3) for free.  

All live-streamed games are accessible through the ESF website, or here.

For specific games click the following links: 


11:00 - CZE 23 (CZE) vs Tempo (CZE):

13:00 - Pro Roma (ITA) vs Brasschaat Braves (BEL) - Super Cup bracket Semifinal 1:

15:00 - Spectrum (CZE) vs ???:

17:00 - Hurricanes (DEN) vs ???:

20:00 - Super Cup bracket Quarterfinal:


12:00 - ESF bracket Semifinal 2:

14:30 - Super Cup bracket Semifinal 2:

17:00 - ESF bracket Final:

20:00 - Super Cup bracket Final:

About the ESCM

European Super Cup Men is held for the fourth time as a combined tournament of two, previously separate events - Men's Winner's Cup and Men's Champion's Cup (European Cup Men was the oldest ESF men's competition having started in 1990).


Adegeest (NED)

Braves (BEL)

Bulls (DEN)

Cavigal Nice (FRA)

Chicaboo's (BEL)

CZE 23 (CZE)

Eagles (CZE)

Gladsaxe (DEN)

Hurricanes (DEN)

Junior Alpina (ITA)

Magos (ESP)

Medvedi (CRO)

Pantheres (FRA)

Pioneers (NED)

Pro Roma (ITA)

Quick (NED)

Spectrum (CZE)

Tempo (CZE)