You may have noticed something new, looking at our 2017 calendar.

As a part of the process where the ESF is trying to become more media-friendly and more audience-friendly, a change of the denomination of the ESF competitions has been approved.

The new names correspond with the WBSC events, and they should be easier for understanding among the worldwide softball and non-softball public. In addition, the new names are designed for more fluent use in both written and spoken English.

The list of newly named competitions is below.

European Championships
Women’s Softball European ChampionshipWEChEuropean Championship Women
Men’s Softball European ChampionshipMEChEuropean Championship Men
Coed Slowpitch Softball European ChampionshipCSPEChEuropean Championship Co-ed Slowpitch
Men’s Slowpitch Softball European ChampionshipMSPEChEuropean Championship Men’s Slowpitch
U-22 Women’s Softball European ChampionshipU22WEChEuropean Championship U-22 Women
U-19 Women’s Softball European ChampionshipU19WEChEuropean Championship Junior Women
U-19 Men’s Softball European ChampionshipU19MEChEuropean Championship Junior Men
U-16 Women’s Softball European ChampionshipU16WEChEuropean Championship Cadet Girls
U-16 Men’s Softball European ChampionshipU16MECh- - -
European Cups
Women’s Softball European Premiere CupWEPCEuropean Premiere Cup Women
Men’s Softball European Super CupMESCEuropean Super Cup Men
Coed Slowpitch Softball European Super CupCSPESCEuropean Super Cup Co-ed Slowpitch
Women’s Softball European CupWECEuropean Cup Women
Women’s Softball European Cup Winner’s CupWECWCEuropean Cup Winnner’s Cup Women
U-19 Women’s Softball European Super CupU19WESCEuropean Super Cup Junior Women
European Massimo Romeo Youth TrophyEMRYTEuropean Massimo Romeo Youth Trophy

The word "Softball" doesn't need to be used for communication within softball community.

/cover photo by Sascha Schneider -

-Helena Novotná-