This year, 8 teams from five countries participated in the Euroleague. A total of 64 games were hosted by four countries. To learn more (or participate) about the Euroleague project, click here.

Princ Zagreb confirmed their leadership during the round robin, and also in the playoffs and won the title by defeating Apollo 14:4. Compared to the last year’s final standings, changes were recorded on positions 2-4.  Apollo took second spot replacing Trnava Panthers and the last year’s champions - M-Stars - possessed the fourth place missing their US teammates.

Lady Pirates confirmed their leadership of the 5-8 group, followed by young team of Zraloci Ledenice. There was a very tight competition between the Hungarian teams. Astros recorded their first win in the playoffs in the game against Reds.  

Based on feedback from the competing teams, we consider the 2016 Euroleague a well established format of competition, so after a short break we will start preparing the 2017 Euroleague, maybe with some minor tweaks.

Final standings

1.       Princ Zagreb (CRO)

2.      Apollo Bratislava (SVK)

3.      Trnava Panthers (SVK)

4.      Vienna M-stars (AUT)

5.      Lady Pirates Zagreb (CRO)

6.      Zraloci Ledenice (CZE)

7.      Hungarian Astros (HUN)

8.      Budapest Reds (HUN)

Individual trophies

Best pitcher: Tihana Zupanic (Princ)

Best batter: Linda Petrikova (Apollo)

MVP: Katarina Prskalo (Princ)

-Petra Cizmic, Helena Novotná-