Slovakia is a country where if you say you are a softball player, most people (99,997%) won’t know what that is. Remaining 0,003% are us – softball players and our parents. This percentage is only for you to imagine how popular is softball here. Most people ask if we play with that ''leaky ball'' because they usually think we play floorball. So you start explaining what softball is and no it is not as soft as it sounds. Often I get asked if I am that person who catches or hits. So yeah, I like to explain the rules hah. We love it anyway.

...The best time of the year is always being part of the National team! Wearing white, blue and red is always great but this year it was pride to play in this colors on EChU22. In most of the countries, you have to fight to be part of the national team. It was not really needed here. Our way to the ECh was never that hard. If you were a player who is old enough and had an interest then you could go. Easy peasy...Past years we met before championship only twice, if even that. That was not enough to get to know each other and play as a team.
Fortunately, things have changed this year. We took 4th place on EChU22 which was a historical moment in Slovak softball and moreover we have beaten Czech team for the first time ever. You should see that happiness. Amazing. Year 2016 will undoubtedly stay forever in not only our memories but as well as in our fans and parents memories. For the first time, we were a TEAM. Being part of a team is not only about playing in the same jersey on the field. It is about willingness, respect, sacrifice and dedication to leave everything you have on the field. It is not about beating your "enemies" but to know how to play with your friends. This is what I have learned at EChU22.

by Dominika Mestanova

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-Helena Novotna-