Our National Team gets some money from the Polish Federation, but the amounts are very little, which means out equipment, preparation, accommodation and travels are very limited. We normally travel to all tournaments by bus, no matter how far they are. I will never forget my first ever Junior European Championships, which was under Moscow and we drove in the bus for 36h. It might sound extreme, but we are kind of used to it.

  As you can see softball in Poland is very little, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have a big talent here. Every person is very passionate and works hard. Despite all the obstacles, the teams and players continue to play it, which is great. My story shows that it doesn’t really matter what background you are coming from but with the hard work and dedication every player can achieve a lot. From the country with only few teams I went to play for a DII school on an athletic scholarship and now I am privileged to  play in one of the best leagues in Europe. With my national team, we only have great years to look forward to. Last European Championships we remained 15th as a tournament before. Last year our U22 team came 5th in the European Championships and it shows that we have a great young talent coming up which can achieve great things on this year’s Championships and the future.

by Emma Wojcik

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-Helena Novotna-