In general, practices are different during the Off-season and during the season. The off-season is usually full of circuit training, working out, running, and muscle building. It is often combined with some batting practice, usually focusing on technique and strength. During the season we concentrate more on quantity, getting a good BP done.

We always try doing something together as a team, making sure we have some quality time together off the field. We sometimes go and play Laser Game, go for dinner, or go to the mountains together for the weekend. It is a lot of fun.   My dream has always been to play softball in the USA, and I am extremely happy to have finally reached it. It is very different for the European softball I know, especially because of the concentration there is present at every single practice and the way the coaches speak to their players. I hope that one day something similar opens up in the Czech Republic, at least at the top level, and players start taking it as seriously as they do in the States.

by Sabina Vitkova

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-Helena Novotna-