Before the February elections of the ESF and CEB boards, possible establishment of a joint European organization for softball and baseball was discussed at all levels.

The new leaderships of both ESF and CEB agreed to establish a group of three CEB representatives, three ESF representatives, and both presidents. The group will start preparing a concept of a structure which would govern softball and baseball in Europe. At the first meeting, in Serbia a day after the ESF/CEB Congress, the members agreed on their working system, and on some basic principles on which the new cooperation should be built. 

The members of the group are: Gabriel Waage, ESF President;;Didier Seminet, CEB President; Youri Alkalay, ESF; Roderick Balk, CEB; Ami Baran, ESF; Petr Ditrich, CEB; Marco Mannucci, CEB; Mette Nissen Jakobsen, ESF

The group will meet again in April.

-Helena Novotna-