On the weekend of April 8 - 9, Euroleague's first out of three tournaments (in 2017) took place. 

There was a great atmosphere with beautiful sunny weather. The players were excited and were enjoying the first games of their season, it was a pleasure to watch them play. 

There were 6 teams from Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia, and a total of 12 games were played on two fields in Zagreb. 

The league is designed that a double round robin, and is played during three weekends. one extra day for final games is scheduled for the 2017 Euroleague, too. 

The tournament was opened with a game between Princ Zagreb and Astros (Budapest), Princ won 14: 3. An uncertain game between the Reds (Budapest) and Lady Pirates was played simultaneously on B field with a final score 6: 8 for the Lady Pirates. 

The second round was between Apollo (Bratislava) and Reds with a score 13: 1 for Apollo, and Panthers Astros and Trnava (Slovakia), 16: 2 to Trnava. 

Last round of the day began at 14:00 hours between Apollo and Princ, 11: 3 and Trnava and Lady Pirates 7: 8 for the Lady Pirates. 

On Sunday they played again - Astros and Princ and ended 9: 0 for Princ, and Apollo and Reds which resulted in another win for Apollo 14: 2 and games at 12.00 completed with the win of Princ over Lady Pirates 12: 2, Trnava and Apollo 5: 9. And the tournament finished with a games between the Reds vs. Astros and Lady Pirates vs. Trnava.  Astros was the winner with the result 10: 2. Despite the loss, the girls from Reds played a great game with a lot of passion. Excitement and love of the game that came out of both teams was contagious. 

The last game, Lady Pirates vs. Trnava was uncertain until the last moment and ended with a walk-off by Anja Radelic (Lady Pirates) with the final score of 11:10. 

At the tournament we celebrated the "International Day of Sport for Development and Peace". All players, coaches, volunteers together photographed on behalf of the  #whitecard and thus joined other sports, events that mark this day! 

The next tournament of the Euroleague in Slovakia in May.


Saturday 08.04.2017

Princ Zagreb

Astros Budapest


Reds BudapestLady Pirates6-8

Apollo Bratislava

Reds Budapest


Astros BudapestTrnava Panthers2-16
Apollo BratislavaPrinc Zagreb11-3
Trnava PanthersLady Pirates7-8

Sunday 09.04.2017
Astros BudapestPrinc Zagreb9-0
Apollo BratislavaReds Budapest14-2
Princ ZagrebLady Pirates12-2
Trnava PanthersApollo Bratislava5-9
Reds BudapestAstros Budapest2-10
Lady PiratesTrnava Panthers11-10