By a letter sent to all Baseball and Softball National Federations of Europe, the Confederation of European Baseball and the European Softball Federation Presidents Didier SEMINET and Gabriel WAAGE have laid the foundations of a joint baseball and softball in Europe. 

Gabriel WAAGE (ESF) and Didier SEMINET (CEB).

Initially brought by running candidate for CEB Presidency Didier SEMINET in 2016, the idea of a joint baseball and softball event bringing together the best 6 countries of baseball and the best 6 countries of softball was approved by both CEB & ESF executive committees during their last meetings in March and April 2017. 

Dutch Roderick BALK (CEB) and Petra ARENDS (ESF) have been named co-heads of the working group which aims to establish the competition in 2018.

Read the full letter here

-Francois Collet, Helena Novotna-