Fastpitch softball in Great Britain is a very small sport. We only had 3 teams in our entire league totaling about 30-40 people. We either played indoors or on grass fields just placing the bases down in open spaces with no backstops or back fences. I was invited to join the school of excellence program that was set up by overseas coaches that came to grow the sport in England. We would practice once a month and would play up to 10-15 games in one year.

After 4 years of training with that program, and traveling to play with 2 different club teams with older more experienced expat players. I was selected to play for the U-19s national team, then moving up to the GB women’s in 2009. Since joining the woman’s program I have played 4 years of college softball in America, and am about to go into my 4th season of playing softball in the leagues in Holland.

by Stephanie Pearce

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-Helena Novotna-