The ESF Executive Council, elected in February 2017, has prepared a document, which describes the ESF's aims and plans for the upcoming four years - the ESF Working Plan 2017 - 2021.

ESF President, Gabriel Waage, introduced the Working Plan in his letter to all ESF affiliated National Federations: 

"The ECs from the past eight years have been working diligently to change the face of the ESF and to brand our sport of softball throughout Europe and our image throughout the world. This document will give you and our members the outline which I am proposing for the next four years and will hopefully take us to the next level of recognition and progress.

The ESF Working Plan includes descriptions of responsibilities of all EC members and also the ESF Organizational structure. Based on previous experience I strongly believe that defining our objectives including operational procedures will help us to achieve our goals. 

As you will notice after reading the ESF Working Plan 2017 – 2021, our main objectives are development and marketing. 

Development is the basic responsibility of a Regional Confederation and marketing is one of the key tools to achieve this goal effectively. 

This is the reason of the initiation of our new brand called Softball Europe, which will grow to become a household name and a game that will be recognized by children and adults throughout Europe. 

The EC ESF approved the ESF Working Plan at the first meeting in April."

View the  ESF Working Plan 2017 - 2021

Download the document: Working Plan.pdf