Hungarian Baseball and Softball Federation celebrated its 25th Anniversary. 

New softball field was opened during this special occasion with a large baseball and softball day. The ESF President attended this special event in Obuda, Budapest on May 20.

The special program was ranged for large baseball / softball community over whole day including many special attractions and exciting activities for youth and adults. Program included also Softball All Stars Game and the first Hungarian Hall of Fame awarding. Antonio Morua, founder of baseball movement in Hungary with Cuban background, was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

The honorary cutting tape of the new field was broadcasted live in the Hungarian television. ESF President Gabriel Waage attended this event and discussed with MOBSSZ President Bence Makai and MOBSSZ board member Zsuzsa Balog about softball in Hungary, about the Euroleague project, and about the option to host an official ESF event in the upcoming years.

The new softball field is placed in the large space right next to a baseball field. The first ever slowpitch game was played on the new field during the opening day.

-Gabriel Waage, Helena Novotna-